Thursday, March 28, 2019

Not Just Another Women's Conference

- From Ann Moals -

Not Just Another Women's Conference

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the best women's conference by far; the 2 day 6th annual 2019 IronDresses conference. The conference is presented by the women at the Divine Unity Community Church also lovingly known as DUCC in Harrisonburg Virginia where Pastor Chris & Lady Cherelle Johnson lead the charge! The year's theme was "Well Women; Building Her Temple".

I'm certainly not one to run to every conference. Like you, I'm much too busy for that. But after already missing several invitations to come, I decided to take the time off and hop the plane and make my way there. With an unreal schedule and feeling kind'a uptight about the whole idea, I was reminded by Sister Buffy to "have fun" :-). So, taking her advice I put it in my mind to just do that.

Getting there wasn't easy, and of course the obstacles starting showing up. After running O'hare airport in Chicago to catch my connecting flight, I knew that there was going to be something said there that would rejuvenate me, and that there was something that the enemy didn't want me to discover. To the point; 1) Have fun. 2) Go with anticipation that there is going to be something special just for you.

It was the evening of day 1, and I was not disappointed. The conference kicked off with a formal (it may have been announced as semi-formal, but you know yo' girl!) buffet banquet. Everything was on point. It was lovely. The women at the registration confirmation table were a breath of fresh air. Every hostess was sweet and lovely. For real! No attitudes anywhere to be found. Chapter 2 of Lady Cherelle Johnson's book "Iron Dresses, Strength in Femininity", (of which we were given a copy as part of the registration package), is simply titled "Be Lovely". I think every worker in the conference read that chapter of the book.  3) Choose to be sweet and lovely.

The young women held it down, took charge and walked in what they were definitely gifted and blessed to do. I had to thank them for having the courage and for sharing their gifts. This conference reminded me of who our creator is and how He has gifted us by His Grace to be who He created us to be...women.


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